How to Deal With McAfee Error Code 12152?

McAfee extends unbeatable cyber security to its users by means of its extensive range of Security Products. These security solutions are some of the most advanced and robust options capable of combating the ever-evolving online threats. Not only that, deploying these applications on your computer is also very convenient. However, at times users encounter technical glitches leading to installation failures. As such, you may end up asking “How to Deal With McAfee Error Code 12152?”

Understand McAfee Error Code 12152

McAfee Error Code 12152 is a technical issue that you may encounter at time of downloading or installing a McAfee Security Product. In other words, the downloading process fails and gives an error code 12152. On your screen, you may get one of the following error messages.

  • “McAfee Error Code 12152”
  • “Unable to Continue Installation”
  • “We’re having trouble completing your McAfee software installation because of this error: 12152.”
  • “Something went wrong with the Installation”
  • “We’re having trouble completing your McAfee software. Here are some fixes you can try………Still having trouble? Contact McAfee Support and mention problem code 12152”

Reason Behind McAfee Error Code 12152

McAfee Error Code 12152 is essentially a Server Issue. In other words, your Computer or Internet Connection is not responsible for the same. It happens due to a problem arising at McAfee’s Download Servers. For instance, overloaded Download Servers on account of multiple customers attempting the McAfee Product or Updates Download. 

Troubleshoot McAfee Error Code 12152

Since the root cause of this problem lies with McAfee’s Download Servers. Hence, there is nothing much that you can do to resolve the concern. 

In such a situation, the best practice is to wait for the Servers to recover on its own. In other words, simply wait for around 30 minutes to an hour before trying to Download the Setup File once again. Most of the time, you are able to complete the Setup process without any trouble. 

However, in case if you still continue to face this issue. Then, completely removing any traces of partial download/ installation from your system may help you. For this, McAfee provides a dedicated Application Removal Tool by the name McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool. Hence, employ it to clean your system before attempting to download and install your McAfee Security Product. 

McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool

McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool is a user-friendly utility tool that is used to remove partial installations, temporary files, etc. Before proceeding further, it is essential to consider the following aspects of this tool. 

  • It is a single-use tool which means you must download a fresh copy before every use. In this way, you will always have its latest version that can easily recognize the latest versions of McAfee Products. 
  • MCPR is not a System Optimization Tool. It removes only those components that are essential for reinstallation. 
  • In order to complete its cleaning processes, it is essential to restart your device.

How To Acquire And Use MCPR Tool?

  1. Go to your system. Then, open “”. Now, access its “Support” Page.
  2. Locate the MCPR Tool. Then, Download it.
  3. Once the download finishes, double-click the downloaded Setup File.
  4. As such, you will get a Security Prompt. Hence, select “Yes”, “Continue”, or “Run”.
  5. Click “Next” on the Welcome window.
  6. Carefully review the “End User License Agreement”. Then, select “Agree” to accept the terms.
  7. Once again, click “Next”.
  8. As a result, the Security Validation window opens up. Here, you find some random characters. 
  9. Now, type in these characters in the empty text field. Make sure to enter them exactly as displayed on your screen. Keep in mind that it is case-sensitive.
  10. Thereafter, click “Next”.
  11. Consequently, the tool will attempt removal of unnecessary files and partial installations. Hence, wait for the same.
  12. After that, you will get one of the following messages. As such, follow the remaining steps as per the message on your screen.
    1. Removal Complete: This confirms that the removal process was completed successfully. Hence, Restart your Computer. 
    2. Cleanup Unsuccessful: It shows you may have to repeat the procedure again as explained below.
  • Restart the Computer.
  • Once again, Run the MCPR Tool.
  • If you get the “Cleanup Unsuccessful” message again. Then, ignore it.
  • Restart the Computer and Reinstall McAfee Security Product. 

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